An Always Growing Industry with Estimated $1 Trillion

The Worldwide Short Film Festival (WSFF) was founded by Brenda Sherwood in 1994, when the Feastival was acquired by the Canadian Film Centre (CFC).

The debut screening of the 15/70 mm large format short film platter was to have been held during the Worldwide Short Film Festival .

In 2012 film festival season, and the 2013 hiatus, the Canadian Film Centre's Worldwide Short Film Festival offered two Academy-accredited awards.

From 2001-2012 short films was screened at the worldwide short film festival later nominated for an Oscar.


Scope of Promotion

In the past few years, there has been a revival to the short film industry and is has emerged as a powerful tool for expressing oneself on many aspects. There has also been a change to the notion that short films are made by those who cannot really afford to make a full length commercial film, or by the ones who just consider it as fun. Gone are the days when short films lacked quality in terms of content as well as the technology. Today, short film makers incorporate the best possible technology ta make sure that their work has a different appeal to it. Short film stand as an inexpensive means to gain experience and skill in film making as well as to benefit financially.

Scope of Publicity

Apart from this, there is the scope of branding. Once these short films start being noticed, several sponsors come up to take up the production charges of the film for the exchange of inserting their name as the producer of the film, in the list of credits. The successful short films will have great viewership in YouTube as well as they will be talked about in traditional media and the social sites. This is an indirect, however, successful method of brand promotion.

Short Film in Global

Internet is the gateway of advertising, publishing and marketing in Global. Nowadays Short film is the simple way of promoting our knowledge and skill in worldwide.

Golden Opportunities

All films in the beginning of cinema were very short. The word Viral is weighed higher than the word Quality. The demand of creativity and familiarity will be focused and the Identity will be proved in the Short Film Festival Era.

Wave-Up in your Life

Screening your Creation at a Short Film Festival is a sure-fire wag to start creating a buzz way around film and your career.

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