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Theatre Sponsor

Stadium Sponsor

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Advertising Sponsor

Honor for Sponsors

Given the status of "Honor for Sponsors" for the event

Branding in stadium entrance front arch

Branding Display on MIDDLE of the Main LED + Panels of the Main Backdrop relay

The Show telecasted by the Channel with (Name & Logo of Sponsor) in "TFW Short Film Festival & Awards 2020"

Newspaper AD in Tamil & English Daily

Advertisement display in local cable TV's

Advertising on Posters, Hoardings & Flex board advertising.

Advertising on Banners & Pamphlets

Advertising on Tickets

Promotions on Social Media

FM Radio promotions.

Lighting the Lamb honor on Stage for "Title Sponsor","Powered By Sponsor","Co-Sponsor","Associate Sponsor".

Special Dinner with Chief Guest, Cinema+ Celebrities and Special invitees.

Advertisement will be displayed in Stadium and Theater.

VVIP Front Row Sofas for Sponsors

VIP Tickets

Next category Tickets

Title Sponsor's Name & Logo will be in promotional video.

Title sponsor's logo presence on Posters and Stadium FCT in the event LED Screens.

Title Sponsor name and logo will be present in all promotional activities.

Cash back Guarantee on after completion of the festival event.

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